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Come and Daven with us, We are looking for a few good Jewish men.


Torah classes every day.. call for details, Do you need a Rabbi?  Have questions about Judaiam, Check out our Synagogue in Yardley, Jewish in Yardley

Yeshivas Poalei Yisrael


  Yeshivas Poalei Yisrael is a yeshiva for post high-school bochurim who are pursuing a college education, vocational training, or employment.  Talmidim of Yeshivas Poalei Yisrael attend daily shiurim on gemarah, halacha, tanach, and hashkafa, in addition to their secular pursuits.  The young men of this unique program are prepared to become proactive adults, able to balance career with life-long commitment to Torah study.  

Do you want to learn how to pray?


All Jews are welcome to our warm community.


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Knesset Hasefer

1237 Edgewood Rd. Yardley, PA 19067



Sunday- Friday : Shacharis 7:50 am

Sunday- Thursday: Mincha/Maariv 8pm

Shabbos: Shacharis at 9am

Sunday: Shacharis at 8am

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