Our Rabbi

Rabbi Nesanel Cadle

  If I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am the new Rav at Knesset Hasefer, and I am running a unique program for post highschool aged young men called Yeshivas Poalei Yisrael.  The young men in my yeshiva are learning Torah at least one hour a day while simultaneously employed and/or receiving advanced secular degrees.  One of my students is attending vocational school and about to receive carpentry certification, and another is interning in a local law firm while pursuing a law degree.  These boys, along with my other students, are learning gemara, halacha, tanach, and Jewish philosophy relevant to a young man entering the secular workplace.  With God's help, they are proudly balancing their jobs and secular education with regular minyan attendance and daily Torah classes.

What we do here in Yardley

The Knesset Hasefer community is key to the success of my yeshiva.  Members of Knesset Hasefer build essential personal and professional relationships with the young men, offering everything from mentorships to Shabbos hospitality.  In turn, the Knesset Hasefer Synagogue is revitalized by daily minyanim and Torah classes.  

All the Best, Rabbi Cadle

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